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An Easy Death – Charlaine Harris

In the morning I got Chrissie to cut oΦ all my hair. Tarken and Martin would be tinkering with the truck, which was our livelihood. Galilee would be watching Martin, because they had started seeing each other before and aδer work. Or she would be cleaning her little house, or washing her clothes. I never […]

A Longer Fall – Charlaine Harris

It had been a long time since I was on a train, and I found I hadn’t missed it a bit. The rocking made me a little uneasy in the stomach, and also sleepy, a real bad combination. Our crew sat at the west end of a car on a train going roughly west to […]

Sleep Like a Baby – Charlaine Harris

I was standing at the backyard fence, watching the Herman twins (a) play with their dog, and (b) water their flowers. It was early in the morning, the only time of day it was tolerable for me to go outside in July in Georgia, since I was approximately as big as a rhinoceros. “Are you […]

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