Tag: Charlie Richards

An Unconventional Mating – Charlie Richards

The soft beep of a machine cut through the haze permeating his mind. He twitched his fingers, intending to swing his arm and slap his alarm clock. His foggy brain insisted that he needed a bit more sleep. Except, he couldn’t lift his arm. His appendage felt heavy, oh-so-heavy… and weak. His muscles screamed just […]

Playing with a Lawyer – Charlie Richards

Setting his reading glasses on his desk, Jory Dartmore sighed deeply. He leaned back in his chair, resting his head against the cushion behind him. Rubbing his eyes gently, he tried to make sense of what he was reading. Except, the more Jory thought about it, the more he knew he was missing something. The […]

Bobbing with a Giant Octopus – Charlie Richards

Crouching on the roof of the apartment building across from where he’d been living for the past twelve years, Price Litner watched two vehicles marked military police pull up before his own structure. He would bet his fangs that there were more military police monitoring the back door, too. Price was certain they’d come prepared. […]

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