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Stolen Lust – Charmaine Pauls

The lights of the casino are dazzling from afar. A blanket of diamonds twinkle in red, yellow, gold, and white. The picture is like one of those snowy Christmas card scenes with the tree draped in tinsel and fairy lights, but in reality, it’s just a cardboard fantasy. I’ve never seen snow. It doesn’t snow […]

Diamonds in the Dust – Charmaine Pauls

The screaming in the kitchen turns louder. Mommy and Daddy’s voices travel through the thin wall and sting my ears. It doesn’t hurt like when I had an ear infection, but it hurts in my chest, and I’m really scared. I crouch in the corner on the bed I share with my brother, Damian, and […]

Consent – Charmaine Pauls

A baby. I’m going to have Gabriel Louw’s baby. Gabriel Louw. The most dangerous man in Johannesburg. Oh, God. I clutch a hand over my mouth to silence a sob and place the other over my stomach where our child is growing. While the taxi takes me farther and farther away from my captor on […]

Beauty in the Broken – Charmaine Pauls

Harold Dalton shoots up from behind his oversized desk so fast he almost stumbles over the wheel of his equally oversized chair. “What do you want?” The coward is afraid. He should be. After all, he framed me and stole my diamond mine. He’s the reason I spent six innocent years in jail. His fat […]

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