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Worth the Wait – Chasity Bowlin

The house was unnaturally quiet as he climbed the stars. It had been thus for weeks, each day growing progressively more quiet, more subdued. A pall hung over the house and all of its occupants, from the lowest to the highest. Death hovered over them, waiting to take one they cherished. Hugh paused outside the […]

The Vanishing of Lord Vale – Chasity Bowlin

THE ELEGANT TOWNHOUSE in Grosvenor Square had recently been refurbished and expanded, the viscount having annexed the abode to its left through what was rumored to be less than pleasant persuasion. It was now the largest home on the square. The Georgian facade, precise and symmetrical, faced the street much like a haughty dowager, daring […]

The Resurrection of Lady Ramsleigh – Chasity Bowlin

THE İNTERİOR OF the cottage was clean and neat, everything tidy and in its place. That had far more to do with the village woman who cleaned for him than with any proclivities toward tidiness himself. It wasn’t that he was slovenly really, but a shirt or waistcoat tossed over the back of the chair […]

The Redemption of a Rogue – Chasity Bowlin

She was waiting in the woods for him. Dark had fallen, but the light of the moon filtered through the branches, gilding her. Her dark green cape blended into the surroundings, but he saw movement as she stepped forward from between the trees. With the hood pushed back, her gold mask glinted in the dim […]

The Pirate’s Bluestocking – Chasity Bowlin

IN THE YEAR of our Lord 854, a wee lad by the name of Arthur MacAlpin set out on an adventure that would turn the tides of his fortune, for what could be more exciting than being feared and showered with gold? Arthur wanted to be king. A sovereign as great as King Arthur, who […]

The Mystery of Miss Mason – Chasity Bowlin

FATİGUE WAS SETTİNG in for Lord Alexander Winston Carnahan, the Earl of Wolverton. He’d spent the better part of the night, as he had so many others, concealed in the shadows near the road—watching, waiting, hoping against hope that it would finally be the night when he discovered something useful. But it appeared his hopes […]

The Missing Marquess of Althorn – Chasity Bowlin

MARCUS BALFOUR, MARQUESS of Althorn and heir to the Duke of Elsingham, stared at his father in growing horror. His betrothal had always been a sore subject between them. The duke was from a different generation, a time when arranged marriages for the sake of furthering finances or social gain were the norm. He had […]

The Lost Lords – Chasity Bowlin

THE SEA PİTCHED and the ship rolled upon it, tossed about like a child’s toy. It was a dark day, the morning’s gray leaden sky having grown darker with each passing hour as it threatened to break open at any moment and pelt them with rain. Vicious wind had already made the journey difficult, but […]

The Lost Lord of Black Castle – Chasity Bowlin

THE SEA PİTCHED and the ship rolled upon it, tossed about like a child’s toy. It was a dark day, the morning’s gray leaden sky having grown darker with each passing hour as it threatened to break open at any moment and pelt them with rain. Vicious wind had already made the journey difficult, but […]

The Enticement of an Earl – Chasity Bowlin

The windows were open as she entered the library. The lamps had been doused hours earlier, the entire household was abed. Larissa had been as well, but the heat had always been unforgiving of her. Clad only in her night rail and wrapper, it was hardly modest, but she hadn’t the heart to dress fully […]

The First Proposal – Chasity Bowlin

Reclining on a pillow, his arms behind his head, Algernon Dunne watched the woman who moved about the chamber. She was graceful, beautiful, intelligent, and he was quite comfortable with her. They’d been lovers for nearly two years. A widow for seven years, Aurora, Lady Sheffield, had been the sole of propriety until she’d sent […]

The Haunting of a Duke – Chasity Bowlin

Emme Walters emerged from the dark, damp dungeons of Briarwood Hall in a state of dishabille that would send her aunt into apoplexy if she saw it. Thankfully, it was well into the wee hours of the morning and most people at the small country gathering had found their own beds, or someone else’s, to […]

The Awakening of Lord Ambrose – Chasity Bowlin

THE PİSTOL HUNG from his limp fingers and the acrid smell of smoke burned his nose. The tableau before him was certainly an odd one. Lady Ramsleigh lay on the ground, her nightrail covered in mud and a spreading stain of crimson. His half-brother, Dr. Nicholas Warner, crouched over her, clearly distraught. And all of […]

Passage of Shadows – Chasity Bowlin

DİAMONDS SPARKLED beneath the brilliantly glittering chandeliers. The elegant figures of some of the most admired and envied women in the world were draped in gowns of the finest silk and the most luxurious velvets. Music swelled from the finely tuned instruments of the orchestra and champagne flowed freely. It was a party like so […]

Hyacinth – Chasity Bowlin

HYACİNTH STRETCHED AND let the wind buffet her. It was a singular sensation, really, to hear the sound of the waves crashing and feel the wind tugging at her clothes. But it was the scent of it all that had her lips curving upward in a half-smile. The saltiness of the sea air was unlike […]

House of Shadows – Chasity Bowlin

“A hospital is no place for the sick!” Muriel Hampton Parke declared as Adelaide observed her stepmother sitting gingerly on the edge of the narrow, cane chair that was next to her bed. Muriel had never been one to tolerate sickness, infirmity, or anything that inconvenienced her in any way. That included the sinking of […]

Barefoot in Hyde Park – Chasity Bowlin

THE GRASS WAS cool beneath her bare feet and there was a hint of spring in the air about her, but that was only wishful thinking. Spring was still months away despite the unseasonable warmth of the day. But her mind wasn’t on the hedonistic pleasures of traipsing barefoot in the park, with the sun […]

An Affair So Destined – Chasity Bowlin

LORD AMBROSE RAVENNER, Marquess Blackraven, stood at the side of the grave as the first shovelful of dirt landed on the wooden box that now housed the earthly remains of his late wife. The sound of it, the loud thump as it struck the wood, made him flinch. It wasn’t love that had kept him […]

A Rogue to Remember – Chasity Bowlin

THE STUDY WAS in chaos. His father had been buried that morning, the will read that afternoon, and as night was about to fall, he was searching every scrap of paper for some hint or clue as to where he might find Alice. Head in hand, Devil sat on the floor that was littered with […]

A Passion So Strong – Chasity Bowlin

Huddled in her dark cell, she shivered from the damp and the cold. Clad only in a dirty shift, her hair shorn and no blankets or heat of any kind, she should have grown used to the cold by now. But it wasn’t simply the temperature of the room. The cold had seeped into her […]

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