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Once Upon a Time in Bath – Cheryl Bolen

Ellie Macintosh was apprehensive about meeting with Henry Wolf today. A nastier piece of work had never darkened the door of Mrs. Starr’s gambling establishment, where Ellie had served as a hostess for the past three years. When Mr. Wolf had first approached Ellie about meeting with him after work the previous night, she had […]

Mistletoe and Mayhem – Cheryl Bolen

MARY MİLNE COULD NOT İMAGİNE why she had been summoned to a solicitor’s office. Her late husband most certainly possessed nothing worthy of legal transfer. Indeed, his paltry military pension barely kept food in the bellies of her and their son. She hated taking Stevie out on so miserable a day. It was not only […]

One Room at the Inn – Cheryl Bolen

THROUGH ALL HER travails Charlotte Hale had managed never to cry in front of her children. But today, as she slipped the gold wedding ring from her finger and handed it to the aged jeweler for the insignificant sum of three guineas, she was incapable of staunching the tears that had pent up inside of […]

Last Duke Standing – Cheryl Bolen

The calamitous intelligence that would redirect the course of Lord Alex Haversham’s life was delivered to him while he sat in the library of his family’s home. He and his boyhood friend Sinjin— Lord Slade—had come to Gosingham Hall not to partake of his ducal brother’s shooting party but to draft penal reform legislation. Upon […]

His Lady Deceived – Cheryl Bolen

Lady Sarah Milton was quite certain her mother would not be sitting here in Lady Landis’s parlor, paying a morning call and for all the world appearing to be on the best of terms with the odious woman if said woman were not the mother of a Most Eligible Matrimonial Prospect. Indeed, Sarah herself could […]

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