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Silent as the Grave – Cheryl Bradshaw

Rebecca Barlow dangled her legs over the edge of the dock and stared into the horizon, her mind heavy, troubled by a sense of unrest. She dipped her big toe into the water, swirled it around, and stared at a row of pine trees on the opposite side of the lake. The trees swayed in […]

Smoke and Mirrors – Cheryl Bradshaw

Grace Ashby was having an unusual dream. A dream so real it seemed like her mum was beside her, sleeping in the same bed she was. But her mum wasn’t in her room. Her mum was screaming— emitting high-pitched, grisly shrieks of terror that startled Grace awake from her hellish nightmare. The screams echoed through […]

Deadly Sins; Lust – Cheryl Bradshaw

Lust (n.) a passionate desire for something; a sensuous appetite regarded as sinful Cairns, Australia 3 a.m. Marissa Calhoun slid her narrow, black, four—inch heels off her feet, dangling the straps from her fingers as she walked along the wooden planks on the promenade. A week before, she had arrived in Australia to celebrate the […]

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