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Deadly Sins; Lust – Cheryl Bradshaw

Lust (n.) a passionate desire for something; a sensuous appetite regarded as sinful Cairns, Australia 3 a.m. Marissa Calhoun slid her narrow, black, four—inch heels off her feet, dangling the straps from her fingers as she walked along the wooden planks on the promenade. A week before, she had arrived in Australia to celebrate the […]

Deadly Sins; Greed – Cheryl Bradshaw

Giovanni Luciana pulled the black 1930 Ford Model A Coupe into the garage, gliding it to a gentle stop behind another of his other collectible cars, a 1969 Ferrari 365GTS. His auto collection was pricy and rare, and though the Model A had been purchased for a modest amount in comparison to most of the […]

Smoke and Mirrors – Cheryl Bradshaw

Grace Ashby was having an unusual dream. A dream so real it seemed like her mum was beside her, sleeping in the same bed she was. But her mum wasn’t in her room. Her mum was screaming— emitting high-pitched, grisly shrieks of terror that startled Grace awake from her hellish nightmare. The screams echoed through […]

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