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Forever After – Cheryl Holt

“What do you think of the place?” Sarah Barrington Henley tamped down a frank response, politely saying instead, “It’s lovely.” Her employer, Mildred Farnsworth, snorted with amusement. “You can be honest with me, Sarah. It’s pretentious and horrid. I won’t faint from shock if you admit it.” “Well, your nephew is a bachelor. Perhaps it […]

Forever – Cheryl Holt

Canary Islands, Santa Cruz, Tenerife, 1814… “Let me by, sir.” On hearing the woman’s request, Hayden Henley stopped in his tracks. Her voice was firm and commanding and confidently displaying a perfect command of the King’s English. She might have been raised in the snootiest boarding school in London. He was gaping, completely unable to […]

Always – Cheryl Holt

“I can only take one of them.” Nathan huddled under his father’s desk, listening as the two women across the room bickered and bartered. He could see their skirts swishing around their legs, but he couldn’t see their grumpy faces, and he was glad he couldn’t. They hadn’t realized he was present, and he shouldn’t […]

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