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Wild Things – Chloe Neill

Within the last ten months, I’d become a vampire, joined Chicago’s Cadogan House, and become its Sentinel. I’d learned how to wield a sword, how to bluff a monster, how to fall, and how to get back up. Perhaps most of all, I’d learned about loyalty. And based on the magic that was pouring through […]

Twice Bitten – Chloe Neill

It was the beginning of Route 66, the spot where “America’s Main Street” began to traverse the United States. Buckingham Fountain, the heart of Grant Park, was named for the brother of the woman who donated the fountain to the city of Chicago. By day, the fountain’s main jet shot one hundred fifty feet into […]

The Sight – Chloe Neill

We rode in a truck that had seen a lot of miles—more than two hundred thousand of them, according to the odometer. The windows were open to the heat and humidity and sunshine, all of it powerful even in the early morning. But that was New Orleans for you. I piled my red hair into […]

Some Girls Bite – Chloe Neill

At first, I wondered if it was karmic punishment. I’d sneered at the fancy vampires, and as some kind of cosmic retribution, I’d been made one. Vampire. Predator. Initiate into one of the oldest of the twelve vampire Houses in the United States. And I wasn’t just one of them. I was one of the […]

Phantom Kiss – Chloe Neill

“There is no torture so sweet, no punishment so sublime, as the couple’s wedding shower.” The tortured vampire, who was tall and chiseled enough to make Apollo weep with jealousy, stood beside me at the threshold of a mansion in Oak Park, Illinois. The house belonged to my parents. In two months, the vampire would […]

Midnight Marked – Chloe Neill

I stood at the corner of Clark and Addison in jeans and a Cubs T-shirt, my long hair pulled into a ponytail through a vintage Cubs cap. At a quick glance, I probably didn’t look much different from the thousands of humans around me. But I was a vampire, and I’d caught the devil’s eye. […]

Lucky Break – Chloe Neill

The world below us was dark, cities glowing in orange grids like electrical circuits strewn across black canvas. “It is a beautiful world, Sentinel.” I shifted my gaze to the vampire across from me in the cabin of his House’s luxe jet. Tall, with golden hair that brushed his shoulders and eyes like cut emeralds, […]

Howling for You – Chloe Neill

Tension and magic filled the air like invisible smoke, swirling around us with the weight of ancient mysteries. We stared at each other across the small table like foes across a battlefield, weapons honed and at the ready. But we weren’t enemies. We just weren’t anything else, either, exactly. “Are you going to play sometime […]

House Rules – Chloe Neill

I t was like a scene from a divorce: belongings divided into piles; books labeled with one owner’s name or the other; and everyone emotionally exhausted. But in this case, there was no breakup. Not of the human variety, anyway. This was more of a secession. A declaration of independence. It was a rebellion, and […]

Hard Bitten – Chloe Neill

We worked beneath the shine of floodlights that punched holes in the darkness of Hyde Park—nearly one hundred vampires airing rugs, painting cabinet doors, and sanding trim. A handful of severe-looking men in black—extra mercenary fairies we’d hired for protection—stood outside the fence that formed a barrier between the blocks-wide grounds of Cadogan House and […]

Friday Night Bites – Chloe Neill

“Higher, Merit. Bring up that kick. Mmm-hmm. Better.” I kicked again, this time higher, trying to remember to point my toes, squeeze my core, and flutter my fingers in the “jazz hands” our instructor ceaselessly demanded. Next to me, and considerably less enthused, my best friend and soon-to-be-ex-roommate, Mallory, growled and executed another kick. The […]

Drink Deep – Chloe Neill

Late November Chicago, Illinois The wind was cool, the fal night crisp. A waxing moon hung lazily in the sky, so low it seemed close enough to touch. Or maybe it just seemed that way because I was perched nine stories in the air, atop a narrow metal grate that crowned Chicago’s Harold Washington Library. […]

Dark Debt – Chloe Neill

There were two seasons in Chicago: winter and construction. If it wasn’t snowing, orange cones narrowed the Dan Ryan, or lower Wacker was closed. Snow and traffic defined our lives as Chicagoans. Nested within those seasons were the other activities that defined life for many in Chicago. During baseball season, it was Cubs versus Sox. […]

Blood Games – Chloe Neill

He stood beside me as cameras flashed, a man with a long and lean body, deeply green eyes, and golden hair. He wore shorts, sneakers, and a long-sleeved shirt that snugged against the tight muscles of his torso. His hair, which normally brushed his shoulders, was pulled back in a queue, and around his neck […]

Biting Cold – Chloe Neill

It shone like a beacon. More than a thousand feet of skyscraper, the lights at the top of its antennas blinking through the darkness that blanketed the city. The Willis Tower, one of the tallest buildings in the world, was nestled in downtown Chicago, surrounded by glass and steel and the waters of the Chicago […]

Biting Bad – Chloe Neill

Istared at the sleek steel blade, its honed edge only inches from my cheek, and tried not to flinch. I was taut with nerves and anticipation, my fingers slippery around the handle of my own ancient katana, my gaze flicking between the weapon that threatened me and the man who wielded it. “Nervous, Sentinel?” asked […]

Wild Hunger – Chloe Neill

Noooooo!” A little girl’s voice echoed through the hallway. The cry was followed by footsteps, more yelling, and a petulant squeal. “It’s mine! You give it back right now, Connor stupid Keene!” The dark-haired boy stuck his tongue out at her—the tiny blonde he relished torturing—then tore down the hallway, holding aloft the plastic sword […]

Wicked Hour – Chloe Neill

While humans slept, monsters raved. Maybe it wasn’t technically a rave. There weren’t any glow sticks or electronic music, or club kids with crazy hair and fluorescent clothes. There were a few dozen shapeshifters and a sprinkling of vampires—and one not-quite witch showing off the mural she’d painted in a literal wolves’ den. I was […]

The Beyond – Chloe Neill

Magic was thick as humidity in the southern Louisiana air. And it felt glorious. Today, there was no hiding. No pretending. We were humans, but not just humans. We were Sensitives, and we were doing magic in public. My students stood in a line on a plot of green, facing downriver and staring intently at […]

Slaying It – Chloe Neill

My belly was enormous. That wasn’t insecurity or ego or exaggeration. It was plain and simple fact. I was thirty-seven weeks—or about eight months—into my pregnancy with the world’s first vampire baby. I was lucky to be expecting and excited to see my daughter. But I was sick of being pregnant. I missed seeing my […]

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