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Wild Hunger – Chloe Neill

Noooooo!” A little girl’s voice echoed through the hallway. The cry was followed by footsteps, more yelling, and a petulant squeal. “It’s mine! You give it back right now, Connor stupid Keene!” The dark-haired boy stuck his tongue out at her—the tiny blonde he relished torturing—then tore down the hallway, holding aloft the plastic sword […]

Wicked Hour – Chloe Neill

While humans slept, monsters raved. Maybe it wasn’t technically a rave. There weren’t any glow sticks or electronic music, or club kids with crazy hair and fluorescent clothes. There were a few dozen shapeshifters and a sprinkling of vampires—and one not-quite witch showing off the mural she’d painted in a literal wolves’ den. I was […]

The Beyond – Chloe Neill

Magic was thick as humidity in the southern Louisiana air. And it felt glorious. Today, there was no hiding. No pretending. We were humans, but not just humans. We were Sensitives, and we were doing magic in public. My students stood in a line on a plot of green, facing downriver and staring intently at […]

Slaying It – Chloe Neill

My belly was enormous. That wasn’t insecurity or ego or exaggeration. It was plain and simple fact. I was thirty-seven weeks—or about eight months—into my pregnancy with the world’s first vampire baby. I was lucky to be expecting and excited to see my daughter. But I was sick of being pregnant. I missed seeing my […]

The Hunt – Chloe Neill

It had once been a lovely kitchen, with pale wood and granite, a pretty view of a courtyard garden, and an enormous refrigerator still dotted with photographs of what looked like a big, happy family. Father, mother, daughter, sons, and an enormous black dog, big enough for the kids to ride on. But they were […]

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