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Going Down in Flames – Chris Cannon

Bryn yanked down the school bus window. Not that it helped much. The bus still smelled like sweat and nacho cheese. The sweat could be explained by the freshman boys who had gym last hour and considered showering optional. The nacho cheese was a mystery. When the bus came to her stop, Bryn stood, cringing […]

Bridges Burned – Chris Cannon

On the drive back to school, Bryn reflected on how her life had recently gone to hell. It had all started when flames shot out of her mouth on her sixteenth birthday, proving she wasn’t completely human. Since then she’d been shipped off to a secret school for dragons—the Institute for Excellence—where she was learning […]

Burning Bright – Chris Cannon

It had been three months since the Rebel dragons had attacked campus…three months since Rhianna had died…three months since Bryn had released Valmont from being her knight…three months since it felt like she’d had her heart ripped out of her chest…three months since anything had seemed normal or right or good in the world. Summer […]

Trial By Fire – Chris Cannon

She must’ve been insane when she’d planned this. Sure it had seemed like a good idea at the time. Let’s throw a Welcome Back to School party so students injured in the attacks on campus would receive a formal invitation to return to school. This was meant to circumvent the Directorate’s policy of suggesting injured […]

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