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Someone Wanton His Way Comes – Christi Caldwell

It took a moment for Clayton Kearsley, Viscount St. John, to register his friend’s words. In part because of the din in Gentleman Jackson’s, where too many noblemen had packed into the club to play at being gentlemen gladiators. In part because of the casualness with which the words had been delivered. And in part […]

A Winter Wish – Christi Caldwell

Not much had changed in the Read household. That was, in the three years Miss Merry Amaryllis Read, daughter of the Earl and Countess of Maldavers’ steward and housekeeper and soon-to-be new housekeeper for Lord and Lady Maldavers, had been sent off to receive proper training for her future role. At that very moment, Merry’s […]

A Groom of Her Own – Christi Caldwell

Claire Poplar was leaving. No doubt when Polite Society discovered where she’d gone, they’d refer to the deed as “running away.” Nor, given her family’s involvement in the disappearance of a young earl years earlier, would society be altogether wrong. After all, what lady would choose to remain in a place where her family’s sins […]

To Tempt a Scoundrel – Christi Caldwell

When the great love of her nine and ten years broke their betrothal to wed his employer’s daughter, Lady Alice Winterbourne had been rather certain life could not be any worse. Particularly after one was jilted in a note, and then stormed the dastard’s offices—pleadingly, no less. Just as Alice had been wrong about her […]

The Vixen – Christi Caldwell

The boy was in her territory. Nay, no place in London truly belonged to anyone but him, the Devil incarnate, Mac Diggory. Regardless, she answered to that blackhearted bastard and, just like everyone else, paid the price for his discontent. As such, she’d fight for these cobbles with her own life. Hers was forfeit anyway, […]

The Spitfire – Christi Caldwell

Henry March, the Earl of Waterson, lived a well-ordered existence. Every minute of his every day was carefully laid out, organized in a neat schedule that he devoutly followed. Even with the meticulous planning he’d put into every part of his existence, there was one area he’d never given much thought to: how he’d die. […]

The Rogue’s Wager – Christi Caldwell

He’d been summoned. And when the powerful, austere, unforgiving Duke of Somerset summoned one, one answered that call. Particularly when that man controlled the proverbial strings of one’s finances and status. Even more so when one was hours away from marrying and, as such, very much in need of those funds. Lord Robert Dennington shrugged […]

The Governess – Christi Caldwell

Killoran, I am coming for you . . . Broderick Killoran, proprietor of the Devil’s Den, had survived falls from grace and violent battles in the streets. But this could be the one that destroyed him. It was why he now stood in the heart of the Seven Dials, those cobblestones no sane man would […]

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