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Thrax – Christina Bauer

m our rocky past. Plus, the game is extra-fun because Lincoln is ripped in that lean way swordfighters are, and the comforter is pooled around his hips. Yum. My guy is tall and broad-shouldered with wavy brown hair and lips that scream, kiss me without saying a word. Go, honeymoon! For Lincoln’s last turn, he […]

Crowned – Christina Bauer

It was never a good idea to spy on the gods, as a rule. That said, I was never one to follow the rules. All of which was why I now stood in a hilltop ringed with skulls, staring out over a deserted landscape. A shiver of foreboding rolled across my shoulders. This place gave […]

The Dark Lands – Christina Bauer

A perky female voice sounds in my ear. “Great Scala, you’re on in thirty seconds.” Blinking sleep out of my eyes, I snap up my head and look around. “What? Who? How?” After a few seconds, I realize where I am. My husband Lincoln and I sit on the sidelines of the set for Good […]

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