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The Woman Who Couldn’t Scream – Christina Dodd

Benedict Howard was used to having women look at him. He had money. He had power. He was ruthless. People saw that. In particular, women looked at him. As they always told him, they found him interesting. Now, the most beautiful woman in the world looked through him. Not over him. Not around him. Through […]

Wrong Alibi – Christina Dodd

Five and a half hours a day when the sun rose above the horizon. Storm clouds so thick, daylight never penetrated, and night reigned eternal. Thirty below zero Fahrenheit. The hurricane-force wind wrapped frigid temperatures around the lodge, driving through the log cabin construction and the steel roof, ignoring the insulation, creeping inch by inch […]

What Doesn’t Kill Her – Christina Dodd

Sleeping Beauty was such a sucker. You can say stuff in her defense. She was young and unwary. She didn’t know much about wicked men and cruel women. No one warned her not to touch sharp objects. But ultimately, everything that happened—the kingdom taking a hundred-year nap, her prince having to hack back thorns and […]

The Watcher – Christina Dodd

Every time Sheriff Kateri Kwinault drove past that sign, she grinned. If Virtue Falls was world famous for anything, it was for an earthquake, a tsunami, and some very messy, well-publicized murders. And if she was famous for anything, it was surviving the earthquake and tsunami and recovering enough to become interim sheriff. Even better, […]

Hidden Truths – Christina Dodd

DARLING WIFE, TODAY Dr. Clift confirmed our fears. The surgery to remove the bullet from your brain was successful…” Max Di Luca laughed a broken laugh. “That’s what he said. Successful. As in, he removed the bullet, and you lived. But it’s been three weeks. You haven’t regained consciousness. At all. I don’t know how […]

Families and Other Enemies – Christina Dodd

You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your family. THAT’S ONE OF those interesting universal truths that gets quoted a lot in the Army on overseas assignments. Because everyone misses their family. But it’s not their family who has their back, who will be with them under […]

Strangers She Knows – Christina Dodd

The Cape Charade undertaker, Arthur Earthman, never wanted to hear noises in the casket display room, especially after midnight. But this had been a week of interesting firsts. On Tuesday, a beautiful young woman, a grieving widow, had come into his office carrying a marriage certificate and a State of Washington Certificate of Exhumation. He […]

Hard to Kill – Christina Dodd

“Captain, you’re an interesting woman.” Kellen Adams glanced at Corporal Harlow Hackett, lounging in the seat beside her, his seat belt loose across his hips. Kuwaiti dust and sand rolled in sweaty drops down his sunburned face and off his chin. For years now, Kellen’s mind had organized the personal details of her friends (and […]

Dead Girl Running – Christina Dodd

Washington State’s Pacific Coast Yearning Sands Resort September of last year Before Priscilla Carter came to Yearning Sands to be the resort’s assistant manager, she supposed her life here would involve a blend of poetry, nature and wealth. She imagined long walks among the towering pines, evenings spent in the luxurious lobby, sipping a cocktail […]

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