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Married by Midnight – Christine Sterling

A woman fighting to keep her family’s farm. A man hiding from the guilt that consumes him. The two angels determined to show each of them the power of healing. Sarah Abrahams hears the whispers around town and knows that no man would consider marrying her. Alone after her family’s death, she is now in […]

Bride in Blue – Christine Sterling

Spring 1893, New York Cassie Stockton opened the window of the tenement and allowed the noise and the air of the city to invade her room. It wasn’t the most pleasant smell, but she couldn’t take being cooped up in the room for one minute longer. Living on the east end of New York, her […]

Beauty and the Baker – Christine Sterling

August 1893 Charlie Stockton slowly opened his eyes before closing them again. He wasn’t sure where he was, just that he was lying on his belly in a bed that wasn’t his own. He felt like he had woolen rags stuffed in his mouth. The insides of his cheeks were dry, and his tongue was […]

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