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The Runaway Wife – CiCi Cordelia

Sam Singleton mopped the back of his neck with an already-damp bandana. The breeze coming off the Lower Cascades reduced the hot sun overhead from sweltering to uncomfortable, ruffling some of the picnic blankets spread out over schoolhouse grounds. The heated air rang with shouts, giggles, and feminine shrieks as children ran circles around their […]

The Substitute Wife – Cici Cordelia

The earsplitting whistle made Retta Pierce choke up as she hugged her sister goodbye on the train platform. Jenny’s slight frame trembled in her grip, and Retta fought back her worry. Too thin. Too frail. Shoulders drooping, as though too heavy to hold up. “There must be a better way, Jenny,” Retta murmured, stricken. “It’s […]

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