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Shadowcaster – Cinda Williams Chima

Lyss’s feathered fly sparkled in the sunlight before it dropped lightly onto the thrashing surface of Weeping Creek. Planting her feet, Lyss pulled back on the rod. “Don’t yank on it,” her brother Adrian whispered. “Let it come to you on the current. Mayflies don’t swim.” “Maybe mine do,” Lyss retorted. “If you want to […]

Stormcaster – Cinda Williams Chima

Evan of Tarvos stood at the stern rail, his eyes fixed on the ship that had been following them for the better part of a day. The sleek three-master stayed just at the horizon, neither approaching nor losing ground. Strange. Most ships fled in a hurry when they spotted Captain Latham Strangward’s stormlord standard. People […]

Deathcaster – Cinda Williams Chima

Adrian sul’Han shivered, drawing the collar of his clan-made stormcoat up to his chin. Spring might have come to the Realms he’d left behind, but sea ice and icebergs still cluttered the surface of Invaders Bay. He could hear Captain Hadley DeVilliers shouting orders from the quarterdeck to their mingled Carthian/Fellsian crew as the Sea […]

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