Tag: Cindy Dees

Hot Soldier Sniper – Cindy Dees

Jake Harrington whistled under his breath as he stepped into the cavernous black space lit mostly by the glow of the many computer monitors lining the football field– size floor. There were caves, and then there were caves. “Welcome to Blackjack Ops South, Major Harrington,” a familiar voice said from nearby. Jake looked up sharply. […]

Beyond the Limit – Cindy Dees

Griffin Caldwell groaned as his buddy—his exceedingly shitfaced buddy—Axel Adams stood up, waving a flimsy plastic champagne glass in his meaty fist and slurred, “A toast. To the groom. The greatest guy ever to shove a grenade up a camel’s—” Griffin leaped up and slapped a hand over Axel’s mouth in the nick of time. […]

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