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Snow Blind – Cindy Gerard

JOSH HASKİNS MANEUVERED her royal high-brow, Princess Anastasia Gerhardt – aka: Ms. Blond, beautiful and bratty – firmly behind him and away from the pack of bar lizards, fending them off as he backed toward the alley exit of the mobbed party bar. True to form, the princess had dragged him into the middle of […]

Fatal Deceptions – Cindy Gerard

RACHAEL’S PHONE started playing the Outlander theme just as she was buckling Addie and her bulky pink snowsuit into her car seat. Cassie. “Sit tight, punkin’.” She smiled at her tired and a bit cranky daughter and wrestled her phone out of her purse. “Momma’s got to take this.” Rachael was tired and borderline cranky […]

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