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Unicorn Bride – Claire Delacroix

Arpais knew the world and its ways well enough to recognize the sounds of swordplay when she heard them. This was no game or practice, unless a warrior’s daughter could be easily fooled. Had she not awoken to these same sounds countless times in the East when she rode with her father? How many times […]

Pearl Beyond Price – Claire Delacroix

Chinkai’s body was as cold as the dawn. Thierry gritted his teeth at the volume of spilled blood, knowing that he would never grow used to the killing. The first light of dawn did nothing to warm the air, though the meager illumination revealed the pallor of the old warrior’s skin. Chinkai had been dead […]

One Knight Enchanted – Claire Delacroix

We could join the Lombards and this new crusade,” Thierry Douglas suggested, his opinion of that strategy clear in his tone. “If we want to fight with peasants.” The eight knights who had become friends, as well as comrades, sat in the tavern they favored and drank young red wine. They had each ridden to […]

Charmed at Christmas – Claire Delacroix

Spectacular colors fairly danced across the horizon, but Thistle missed the sunset entirely. Instead, she bent and crooned over a tiny, lone sea holly plant. “Well, good evening, you brave wee one! Are you not so pretty—and so daring, taking root all alone here amidst these rocky pools?” She didn’t find many such seedlings here, […]

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