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Then She Vanishes – Claire Douglas

I sit back in my chair and re-read the article. The deadline is in twenty minutes. It’s taken me nearly an hour to write just five paragraphs. If I don’t send it soon it won’t make the front page tomorrow, and my news editor, Ted, will have my guts for garters (one of his favourite […]

Just Like the Other Girls – Claire Douglas

Three months later, January 2019, Una Ice crunches underfoot and I have to tread carefully in my boots, made for fashion and not for Arctic conditions. Even so, I slip and save myself from falling on my arse by grabbing on to the iron railings for dear life, my legs splaying as I try to […]

Do Not Disturb – Claire Douglas

I’m awoken by a shrill scream. Something’s happened to the girls. I sit up in bed, my heart racing. The air is still. Silent. Did I dream it? My eyes dart to Adrian’s side of the bed. It’s empty, the sheet creased and slightly damp, the duvet thrown back as though he left in a […]

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