Tag: Claire Legrand

Thornlight – Claire Legrand

Once, in a land of seven kingdoms called the Star Lands— Oh, wait. That’s a different story. That story is about a witch named Quicksilver, who embarked upon a perilous adventure to save all of witchkind from a villainous figure called the Wolf King—who was indeed villainous, but not in the way you might think. […]

Lightbringer – Claire Legrand

“You who fight for your fallen loves, your ravaged countries, listen closely: There may come a time when the Emperor appears before you. Perhaps your beauty will catch his eye, or your talent will do it, or your strength. He will smile and seduce. He will flatter and promise. Do not trust him. Fight him […]

Kingsbane – Claire Legrand

“The dangers of threading through time are many, but one often overlooked is the danger it poses for the traveler. The mind is fragile, and time is pitiless. Even powerful marques have lost themselves to the ravages of their temporal experiments. Perhaps it is best, then, that over the course of recorded history, only a […]

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