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Yours to Keep – Claudia Burgoa

Aristotle concluded that happiness is one of the central purposes of human life. It is a goal in itself. According to him, a genuinely happy life requires physical, emotional, and mental well-being. There has to be a balance between the three of them. If Aristotle is correct, I’m fucking doomed. Emotions and I are sworn […]

Maybe It’s You – Claudia Burgoa

EIGHTEEN TO TWENTY-FOUR MONTHS. All bridal magazines insist that a bride should organize a wedding within that time frame. According to my bridal planner, today I should have a light breakfast. Instead, I’m eating wafer cookies dipped in chocolate chip lavender flavored ice cream. I should be practicing the vows I’ll say during the wedding. […]

Perfect for Me – Claudia Burgoa

“WHAT THREE WORDS BEST DESCRIBE YOU?” the reporter on the other end of the line asks after I disclose the projected revenues for the next quarter. I stare at my phone and pinch the bridge of my nose, thinking. There are more than three. Committed, resilient, stubborn, impatient, quiet, reserved … I drum my fingers […]

Fight For Me – Claudia Burgoa

THE BUREAU DOESN’T PAY me enough to pretend that I’m anxious and overly excited to “land the job of a lifetime,” or whatever these executives expect me to say. Still, if I land this I could finally be on the field. Time to buck up. “If you had only one word to describe yourself, what […]

Fall for Me – Claudia Burgoa

MY ENTIRE WORLD collapsed when I was twelve. It was a Tuesday morning. Two airplanes crashed into the World Trade Center towers. Those are the commonly known facts to outsiders. There are no mentions about Charlotte and Christopher Everhart being inside the North Tower at the time. I watched as smoke poured out of the […]

Somehow Finding Us – Claudia Burgoa

I AM BROKEN. Broken by the most devastating news a person could receive. The only man I ever loved is gone. I feel like I’m sliced into a million pieces. For years I loved him from afar and ever-so silently. Zeke deserved so much more than what I showed him. He owned my heart. I […]

Pieces of Us – Claudia Burgoa

DO you believe that everything happens for a reason? It sounds like one of those mediocre lines people use to cheer you up when shit is hitting the fan. “I’m sorry your mom died. Everything happens for a reason.” Doesn’t that sound like the most condescending piece of crap? Let me tell you the reason: […]

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