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Passion’s Savage Moon – Colleen French

Deborah Montague leaned forward in the sidesaddle, pressing her left knee into the bay gelding’s side as she laid her crop lightly on his neck. The huge steed gave a snort and broke stride, lowering his head as he picked up speed. The smell of the saddle’s soft leather mingled with sweaty horseflesh, filling Deborah’s […]

Fire Dancer – Colleen French

Mackenzie Daniels stared up into the tree limbs overhead, fascinated by the patterns of light and dark that poured through the dense foliage and swirled on the forest floor in a kaleidoscope of colors and textures. The warm wind blew in her face, and the smell of honeysuckle was strong in her nostrils. Her horse […]

Captive – Colleen French

Susquehanna River Maryland Colony, 1758 Three days, and I’m still alive . . . Tess shifted her weight on her knees and lifted the heavy paddle, thrusting it into the river again. Droplets of icy water splashed up, wetting her and the savage seated in the bow of the birchbark canoe. The Mohawk, Broken Tooth, […]

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