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The Survivor – Cristin Harber

“Ain’t love grand.” Hagan Carter crawled through the dank, dark crawl space beneath their target location, a wealthy family estate. “Or is that money?” The expected cobwebs and varmint droppings could’ve been in any subterranean passageway, but Hagan had hoped for a little less rat shit in the underbelly of this protected, affluent enclave. His […]

The Savior – Cristin Harber

That Tuesday was just like any other except that it would become one of the most important days in Liam’s and Julia’s lives. Liam rolled his shoulders back, unable to find a comfortable way to sit next to his girlfriend. Though a commuter-packed Metro wasn’t the most comfortable place to start. The train descended into […]

The Guardian – Cristin Harber

The cold prickle of an unknown threat hung as heavy as the August heat. Jason Green surveyed the narrow backyard that anchored his girlfriend’s home. He placed the second foil-wrapped russet potato on the grill and shut the lid. Radiating heat distorted the bushes against the fence, and with his guard up, Jason stepped back […]

Ricochet – Cristin Harber

Bullets sparked like fireworks against the metal container ship above Colin Cole’s head. Rough waters churned as Delta team waited on the edge of the tactical raft, listening for the signal to drop into the Indian Ocean’s choppy black depths. Adrenaline pumped. There was no telling how many men waited on the well-guarded cargo ship. […]

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