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Save Me from the Dark – Cynthia Eden

Her mother was smiling. Chloe paused at the entrance to the ballroom. Her small fingers lifted to curl against the edge of the wooden doorframe as she watched her mother. Her parents liked to hold big parties on the weekends. They’d invite so many people over to the estate. Women who wore pretty dresses. Men […]

Step Into My Web – Cynthia Eden

“Lady, do you have a damn death wish?” The robber shoved his gun toward the face of the woman who stood before him, her delicate shoulders squared and her spine perfectly straight. “Not today, I don’t,” she assured him as the faintest trace of a British accent whispered beneath her words. The woman didn’t back […]

Shattered – Cynthia Eden

IT WAS THE SCREAM THAT WOKE HER. SIX-YEAR-OLD Sarah Jacobs shot up in bed, her heart racing and the echo of that terrible scream still ringing in her ears. The room was dark, but moonlight spilled through her window and illuminated her favorite teddy bear—he was right at her side. Her daddy always put the […]

Secret Admirer – Cynthia Eden

Alice May barely recognized the woman in the long, white dress. The silk seemed to stretch for miles and miles, and she’d never felt anything so soft against her skin. Her hair had been artfully styled, her makeup carefully applied. Everything was ready. She was ready. Her hands tightened around her bouquet—a bouquet of blood […]

Run To Me – Cynthia Eden

“You are the most beautiful woman in the room.” Willow couldn’t help but tense as the rich, masculine voice seemed to wrap right around her. She’d heard him approaching, of course, and she’d known that he was closing in on her. She could feel him right behind her, not touching her, but now barely a […]

Mine to Take – Cynthia Eden

Blood dripped into her eyes. Pain rolled through her body, and she tried to fight it, tried to break free, but she couldn’t. Trapped. The metal had twisted around her. It held her in a grip too tight and too hard, and every move she made just caused her to hurt even more. She screamed […]

Mine to Have – Cynthia Eden

Saxon Black walked into the bar as if he owned the place. He’d learned long ago never to show weakness—weakness only brought a guy trouble—so he sauntered right into that pit of hell with a broad smile on his face and with his hands clenched into battle ready fists. This is the last damn job […]

Into the Night – Cynthia Eden

THE LIGHT WAS in her eyes, blinding her. Macey Night couldn’t see past that too bright light. She was strapped onto the operating room table, but it wasn’t the straps that held her immobile. He’d drugged her. “I could stare into your eyes forever.” His rumbling voice came from behind the light. “So unusual, but […]

Don’t Love A Liar – Cynthia Eden

Someone had tucked her doll in bed. Eight-year-old Kennedy smiled as she skipped forward. She’d been looking for her doll all morning. She called her Kaylie, and Kaylie was her absolute favorite doll. Because Kaylie looked just like her. Her mother had gotten the doll made especially for Kennedy. She stopped by the side of […]

Deadly Fear – Cynthia Eden

Is the girl still alive?” The question came from Special Agent Jonas McKall. The guy had been with the unit for just over two years, tracking killers for a hell of a lot longer— and the man really should have known better. Keith Hyde grunted and reached for his weapon. “It’s day four. You know […]

Confessions – Cynthia Eden

“You’re…leaving?” Scarlett Stone stared up at the man before her, aware that her heart was aching. Not aching…breaking. “I have a new mission,” Grant McGuire told her, his deep voice strangely devoid of its usual warmth. “I head out tomorrow and I don’t know when I’ll be back.” The setting sun glinted off his blond […]

Broken – Cynthia Eden

SHE COULD SMELL THE OCEAN AND HEAR THE pounding of the surf. She could see the sky above her, so very blue and clear, but she couldn’t move at all. Her body had gone numb hours ago. At first the numbness had been a blessing. She’d just wanted the pain to stop, and it had. […]

After the Dark – Cynthia Eden

THE SCENE WAS all wrong. The killer—the balding man in his late thirties—the man who stood there with sweat dripping down his face, a gun held in his trembling hand and a dead girl at his feet…he was wrong. FBI Special Agent Samantha Dark raised her weapon even as she shook her head. She’d profiled […]

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