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Beyond Time – Cynthia Luhrs

Present Day—Silvercreek Harbor, Maryland “Wish my shift was over. I hate working nights and weekends. How’d you manage only working weekdays?” Melissa Evers, known as Mellie to her friends, grinned at Claire, who was busy blowing her red bangs out of her eyes and fanning herself. “On my first day of work, it was pouring […]

A Moonlit Knight – Cynthia Luhrs

THİS İS SUPPOSED to be the happiest day of our lives and you look like somebody swiped your last piece of peach pie.” Chloe fingered the green and white tassel. It looked like Christmas lying on the red table. “I am happy.” “Chloe Penelope Merriweather, don’t you dare fib to me.” Sara Beth scowled across […]

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