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Return of the Lost Bride – Cynthia Wright

Standing on castle ramparts that clung to the edge of a cliff, Ciaran MacLeod breathed deeply of the cold, misty air that blew in from the Minch. A smile touched his chiseled mouth as he gazed from the wind-tossed sea back to the courtyard where his cousin Owen MacLeod was training young warriors to defend […]

His Make-Believe Bride – Cynthia Wright

It didn’t help Justin St. Briac’s mood when the gray sky began to spit cold raindrops at him. His knees ached, curse them, as he climbed the steep hillside path to his brother’s manor house. Shielding his face with one hand as the rain fell harder, he looked ahead with his good eye and saw […]

Her Husband, the Rake – Cynthia Wright

“Mama, tell us the story about the red-haired girl,” begged Mouette Raveneau. “It’s past your bedtime, darling,” Devon whispered, sitting on the edge of the bed to smooth her six-year-old daughter’s ebony curls back from her brow. Firelight danced over the darkened walls, accentuating the bedchamber’s snug ambience. “And I think your brother is already […]

Abducted at the Altar – Cynthia Wright

Tears welled in Fiona’s eyes and filled her throat as she gazed at her mother, dozing fitfully under a woven tartan bedcover. Eleanor Lindsay MacLeod had once been vibrantly lovely, but now, after years of slowly failing health, she was thin, pale, and weak. “Your da should be here,” muttered Isbeil, the nursemaid. The old […]

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