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Vincent – D. B. Reynolds

LANA ARNOLD SPUN the dial on her home safe and reached inside. She was heading out on a new job and needed a backup weapon and cash. Her next job would take her to Mexico, and cash was king down there. And the gun was simple common sense. She had her usual Sig, and, of […]

Unforgiven – D. B. Reynolds

CYNTHIA LEIGHTON laced her fingers with Raphael’s as they made their way down the staircase. He squeezed back, his big hand warm and secure. Her beautiful vampire lover. He was dressed as usual in one of his elegant power suits—dark charcoal and custom made to fit his gorgeous physique —tall, muscular, big chest and shoulders. […]

The Vignettes – Vol 1 – D. B. Reynolds

Cyn wandered through the crowded room, smiling at people, aka vampires, she didn’t know, sipping occasionally at the crystal flute of very fine champagne held in one hand. This wasn’t exactly how she’d planned to spend New Year’s Eve—not this year, the very first one she’d be celebrating with Raphael, the at long, last love […]

Sophia – D. B. Reynolds

Raphael was drowning, trapped in a whirlpool of pain and loss . . . so much loss, sucking him down, icy shards swirling, slicing like razors into his soul. He raged at the bonds that held him trapped in this nightmare while his sweet Cyn wept, her tears warm against the skin of his chest, […]

Raphael – D. B. Reynolds

Cynthia Leighton made a hard right turn into the parking lot of the Malibu Sheriff’s station, her tires squealing slightly on the gritty pavement. She had the door open almost before the big Land Rover came to a complete stop, yanking the keys from the ignition and jamming them into the pocket of her leather […]

Rajmund – D. B. Reynolds

Sarah Stratton’s eyes opened, a scream filling her throat, choking her as she fought it down, as her hand slapped the switch next to her bed. Light flooded the room and she sat up, her gaze taking in every familiar detail. She inhaled, a deep sucking breath that was more of a sob, like in […]

Lucas – D. B. Reynolds

Special Agent Kathryn Hunter lay on her stomach in the dirt, the butt of her Sig Sauer 3000 rifle snugged into the curve of her shoulder. She leaned into the Leupold scope and settled the crosshairs on her target. Data ran through her brain, was processed, and let go. Like all snipers, she tended to […]

Jabril – D. B. Reynolds

Jabril Karim watched silently as his lieutenant, Asim, slipped through the study door, saw him jerk to a confused stop when he noticed his Sire studying him from his seat behind the desk. Asim’s narrow chest swelled with an indrawn breath as he fought visibly to contain his fear and Jabril smiled, perversely pleased. “Well?” […]

Hunted – D. B. Reynolds

Cyn lowered the twenty pound weight to the exercise mat—okay, so it was only a five pound weight, but it felt like twenty pounds when combined with thirty plank press reps, an exercise that was surely designed by a madman or a sadist. Or both. Every muscle in her body was whining at her to […]

Duncan – D. B. Reynolds

Cyn shivered slightly and moved closer to the wave of heat coming from the Learjet’s engines. It made the frigid hangar marginally bearable. She hunched deeper into her coat and peered through the dim light. Raphael was down near the nose of the aircraft, deep in conversation with Juro. She could only make them out […]

Deception – D. B. Reynolds

CYNTHIA LEIGHTON stood in the darkened room, unmoving, barely breathing, as she watched her lover slowly destroy another being, a vampire, in the next room. This was Raphael at his most cruel. He was often ruthless, relentless in his determination to get to the truth, to tear an individual’s deepest secrets from his screaming throat. […]

Damian – D. B. Reynolds

CASSANDRA LEWIS raced down the deserted street, her booted feet slapping on the wet pavement. Gripping her right arm hard, to hold back the dripping blood, she dared a glance over her shoulder. There was no one in sight, but all she could hear were the echoing howls of the hounds on her tail. She […]

Christian – D. B. Reynolds

Nice, France . . . six months earlier “THIS IS YOUR plan, Mathilde?” Christian Duvall didn’t look at his Sire when he asked the question. He didn’t want her to understand yet just how troubled he was by what she’d revealed to him. “It is,” she answered. There was more than a touch of pride […]

Betrayed – D. B. Reynolds

Cynthia Leighton stepped out onto the private deck, feeling the velvet brush of cool, dry air over her skin. That first touch of the high desert always felt good, sensuous almost. But after a few hours, she knew she’d be longing for the damp California coast, every inch of her body feeling parched and shriveled. […]

Aden – D. B. Reynolds

SIDONIE REID gripped the seatbelt tightly, the nylon digging into her fingers as the ambulance roared through an intersection to the sound of blaring horns and squealing tires. There was so much noise. The siren was a constant assault to her ears. The radio blatted voices—the dispatcher, other drivers, hospitals. There were no windows, and […]

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