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Don’t Tell A Soul – D.K. Hood

Kill me. One blood-splattered cowboy boot crunched on the chipped cement floor inches away from his cheek. A sick chuckle followed by a nerve-shattering kick to broken ribs brought back the tremors. A lightning bolt of white-hot agony shot down his spine. In a desperate attempt to pull precious air through swollen lips, he spat […]

Bring Me Flowers – D.K. Hood

He imagined how she would look dead. The fixed brown eyes, gaping mouth, and the cool feel of her young, bloodless skin against his flesh. His would be the last face Felicity Parker would see. The idea thrilled him; having the power over life or death was something he craved. Felicity would beg and scream […]

Break the Silence – D.K. Hood

Music played so loud it vibrated in Chrissie Lowe’s teeth. Students crammed into every spare space talking so loud they sounded like a flock of angry geese. Giddy and uncoordinated, she pushed her way between two huge football players to reach the stairs. The dream date with Seth Lyons—star college quarterback—had faded like a rose […]

Whisper in the Night – D.K. Hood

“Daddy, there’s a man in my room.” Fear closed Lindy Rosen’s throat and her voice came out in a croak. The soft chuckling from the gloom sent shivers down her spine. The figure floated toward her, cloaked in shadows like the Grim Reaper. She dragged leaden legs from the bed and, tripping over blankets, staggered […]

Where Angels Fear – D.K. Hood

“Just keep driving.” Fear gripped Ella Tate and she turned in her seat to glare at her friend. “Don’t stop. Have you lost your mind?” “We don’t leave people stranded in Black Rock Falls.” Sky’s voice sounded harsh in the stillness. “There’s a blizzard on the way and the poor man could freeze to death.” […]

The Crying Season – D.K. Hood

“Run and don’t look back.” Shots peppered the undergrowth, and splintered trees showered Paige Allen with bark. She strangled a scream and gaped at the crimson patch spreading across the front of her fiancé’s shirt. “I’m not leaving you.” She grabbed Dawson’s arm, willing him to move. “Go!” Dawson stared at her with unfocused eyes […]

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