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The Institute; A Dark Anthology – Dani René

IT WAS ten years ago when my life took a turn for the worst. It was also in those dark times that I realized I wasn’t going to be the same after what had happened. Instead of running from the darkness, I embraced it. I was raised by a doctor, and I was taught by […]

Slay Belles & Mayhem – Dani René

I m not sure what the noises were that kept me awake last night, but they’ve left me with a terrible headache. One of those that sits just behind your eyes and pounds until all you want to do is fall asleep again, hoping it will disappear when you next wake up. I couldn’t hide […]

How the Mind Breaks – Dani René

Rolling over, I stretch, feeling each muscle tense, then ease. My hair is matted to my head, and I’m sweaty. The nightmares have been fierce, and I can’t remember much about them, but the fact that my tank top is stuck to my torso tells me I’ve been stressed in sleep, and I’ve also been […]

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