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The Bridge Kingdom – Danielle L. Jensen

LARA RESTED her elbows on the low sandstone wall, her eyes fixed on the glowing sun descending over the distant mountain peaks, nothing between here and there but scorching sand dunes, scorpions, and the occasional lizard. Impassable for anyone without a good camel, the correct provisions, and a healthy dose of luck. Not that she […]

Dark Shores – Danielle L. Jensen

The Quincense launched off the peak of a swell like she dreamed of taking flight. Her blue sails were full of the southerly wind that had been propelling them up the coast with an eagerness mirroring Teriana’s own. It had been months since they’d last been in Celendrial—and since she’d last seen Lydia. Her feet […]

The Broken Ones – Danielle L. Jensen

Blackness fell across the city, and with it came silence, the crowd of onlookers seeming to collectively hold their breaths as the edge of the moon appeared in the sole opening in the cavern’s rocky ceiling far above us. The silver orb inched into view, casting a stream of light down through the mist to […]

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