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Turning Point – Danielle Steel

Bill Browning had been on duty in the emergency room at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center for five hours and had just finished surgery on his third gunshot wound of the day. This one was going to make it, the first one had too, but the second patient had died, a sixteen-year-old […]

Spy – Danielle Steel

Thinking back on it later, the summer of 1939 was the last “normal” summer Alexandra Wickham remembered. It had been five years since her celebrated first London “Season” at eighteen, an event her parents had anticipated with excitement and expectation since she was a little girl. She had looked forward to it as the experience […]

Silent Night – Danielle Steel

“Your mother is dead, Bethanie. You have to face it. You can’t run away from it forever.” As a tall, handsome man with a craggy face delivers the crushing message, we see a little girl’s face crumple with deep emotion, as though she were dissolving from within. Suddenly her eyes shoot fire, as rage mixes […]

The Dark Side – Danielle Steel

Zoe and Rose Morgan were the perfect complement to each other as sisters. Zoe had straight, dark, shining hair. Rose had a halo of white-blond curls, which sat like a cap on her head. Zoe’s features were beautiful, though sharp and well defined for a child so young. Rose looked like a cherub, everything about […]

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