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The Desires of a Duke – Darcy Burke

Miss Eleanor Lockhart stared at her father in open shock. “You have nothing left?” Davis Lockhart pulled at his sleeve, a familiar gesture that practically screamed his discomfort with this interview. “Not nothing, but not enough to support this household.” He turned apologetic, murky brown eyes on her. “And not enough to support you.” Nora […]

The Duke of Seduction – Darcy Burke

Lady Lavinia Gillingham slipped into Lord Evenrude’s library and gently closed the door behind her, blocking out the not too distant sound of the ball she’d just escaped. Knowing her time was short, she hurried to the bookshelves, her gaze scouring the spines for the book she sought. Ah, there it was. The Geologic History […]

The Duke of Ruin – Darcy Burke

He really hoped he wouldn’t have to kidnap her. Simon Hastings, twelfth Duke of Romsey, rode his horse along Curzon Street until he found the house in which Miss Diana Kingman resided. Spotting it, he rode past— he had no intention of calling—and formulated a plan. With many, many contingencies, one of which would be […]

The Duke of Kisses – Darcy Burke

Frances Snowden glared at the rabbit hole but quickly acknowledged she was angry with herself, not the tiny animal she’d foolishly followed through the copse and up the hill and over an icy stream. Blast, she was an idiot. She’d seen the rabbit hunkered down near a tree. It had seemed to be shivering, and […]

The Duke of Ice – Darcy Burke

Rain clouds moved in from the horizon, promising a drenching in the next thirty minutes or so. Nicholas Bateman, tenth Duke of Kilve, was glad he’d completed his outdoor activities for the day. He stared at the expanse of ocean stretching beyond the cliffs, never failing to appreciate the immensity and treachery of the world […]

The Duke of Distraction – Darcy Burke

I s that another new hat, Miss Colton?” Sarah brought her hand to the side of her poke bonnet trimmed in Pomona green and persimmon-striped ivory ribbon and bright yellow flowers with persimmon-colored centers. “Yes.” Mrs. Wetherell clucked her tongue. “It’s absolutely stunning. Wherever did you buy it? I must have something just like it.” […]

The Duke of Defiance – Darcy Burke

I wanted to tell you our exciting news.” Joanna Shaw’s belly sank. She could well imagine what news her sister Nora had to share. “Are you expecting another child?” She was proud of how she kept her tone free of anguish or…jealousy. Nora nodded, her lips spreading into a wide smile. “Titus is thrilled.” Happiness […]

The Duke of Daring – Darcy Burke

“Hellfire, that one’s got the luck of the devil tonight,” Andrew Wentworth, fourth Earl of Dartford, remarked to one of his companions. Andrew didn’t know the gentleman currently scooping up his winnings, but he was causing a stir. His friend, Edgar Charles, nodded. “Never seen him before. You?” Andrew shook his head. The gentleman looked […]

The Duke of Danger – Darcy Burke

He really wishes to go through with this?” Lionel Maitland, Marquess of Axbridge, asked his friend and second, Sebastian Westgate, Duke of Clare. West clenched his mouth into a grim line. “Apparently. I tried talking sense into his second, but Chalmers said Townsend isn’t having it. He’s dead set on dueling.” “Dead set? Did he […]

The Gift of the Marquess – Darcy Burke

Achild’s squeal rent the air, making Gabriel Kirkwood, Marquess of Darlington, pause in his hammering. Two small boys ran toward the open doorway where Gabriel was repairing the broken hinge. They stopped short, the taller boy ramming into the shorter one, whom he was chasing. “Beggin’ your pardon, my lord,” the younger boy, named Matthew, […]

The Duke of Desire – Darcy Burke

A silence settled over the large drawing room, like a storm cloud moving in and stealing all the light from the air. Conversations halted, and there was a palpable feeling of expectation. Ivy Breckenridge looked up from the book she was reading and instantly found the source of the disturbance. He stood just over the […]

One Night of Temptation – Darcy Burke

Now that the moment was here, Lady Penelope Wakefield’s heart felt as though it might beat right out of her chest. She was certain her chaperone, who was also her mother’s cousin, Mrs. Hall, who stood beside her peering at an exotic stuffed bird, would hear the way Penelope’s pulse pounded through her veins. It […]

One Night of Surrender – Darcy Burke

Isabelle Cortland tripped as she stepped over the threshold into the Duke of Eastleigh’s town house. Not a slight stumble from which she recovered, but a full-out loss of balance that sent her sprawling onto the marble floor in an ungainly heap, her skirts riding up the back of her legs in a most humiliating […]

One Night of Scandal – Darcy Burke

“T avistock!” Lady Viola Fairfax grinned at the welcome shouted by the men seated about the main salon of the Wicked Duke tavern, making the new faux whiskers glued to her cheeks pull against her skin. The discomfort of her gentleman’s disguise scarcely registered after two years, but the sideburns had required replacement, as they […]

Never Have I Ever With a Duke – Darcy Burke

Not so fast, Biscuit!” Arabella Stoke kept a firm hand on the small ball of fluff that was her mother’s dog as she navigated into the park. It was early and she was well covered, from the oversized cap on her head to the crisp apron adorning her front to the serviceable boots that were […]

Lord of Fortune – Darcy Burke

A fine sheen of sweat beaded across Penn Bowen’s forehead as he dangled from the rope and reached for the slick side of the cave. The lantern his assistant dangled from the opening fifteen feet above him cast a meager glow into the large space, but he’d known he’d be operating in the near dark. […]

Joy to the Duke – Darcy Burke

F elicity was back. Calder strode from the drawing room at his estate, Hartwood, via the same doorway his younger sisters had just used to depart. But he didn’t follow them. He went in search of a footman and sent him to the stables to see that a groom saddled his horse. After sending another […]

Captivating the Scoundrel – Darcy Burke

AUGUST 1819, GLASTONBURY f you weren’t you, you’d be dead.” Gideon Kersey, tense as he faced the man who’d been his mentor and who was now, at least secretly, his foe, allowed himself to flinch. Just slightly. Just enough for his opponent to notice. “I would expect that,” Gideon said. Timothy Foliot’s once-dark hair was […]

A Duke Will Never Do – Darcy Burke

London, May 1819 J ane Pemberton hummed to herself as she tied the ribbons of her bonnet beneath her chin. “I’m just going for a quick walk around the square before the meeting, Culpepper.” The butler, a thoroughly capable and unflappable man in his late thirties with thick sandy-brown hair and sherry-brown eyes, inclined his […]

A Duke is Never Enough – Darcy Burke

London, March 1819 A n unsettled irritation ran through Marcus Raleigh, Marquess of Ripley, as he rode onto Rotten Row. The breeze cooled his face and a bit of his ire. Until he neared the end of the track, where a group of gentlemen were gathered to the side of the footpath. On the periphery […]

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