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Bewitched – Darynda Jones

Again with the knocking. A persistent pounding forced me out of a fitful slumber. I tried to pry open my lids, but my bed was far too comfy. Or I was sleeping on air. I couldn’t seem to separate my lashes, as though they were superglued together. I swore the last time my BFF did […]

The Trouble with Twelfth Grave – Darynda Jones

Few things in life were more entertaining than haunted houses. The people living in said haunted houses, perhaps. Or the time-honored tradition of watching paint dry because, sadly, most haunted houses were not actually haunted. I sat on a hardwood floor next to a Mrs. Joyce Blomme, a woman who swore her house was inhabited […]

The Dirt on Ninth Grave – Darynda Jones

I stood beside the booth and poured coffee into a beige cup that had the words FIRELIGHT GRILL written across it, wondering if I should tell my customer, Mr. Pettigrew, about the dead stripper sitting next to him. It wasn’t every day a dead stripper accosted one of my regulars, but telling Mr. P about […]

The Curse of Tenth Grave – Darynda Jones

Ignoring the dead girl standing next to me, I crossed my bare feet on the cool windowsill, took a sip of piping-hot coffee, and watched the emerging sunrise from my third-story apartment window. A soft yellow scaled the horizon and stretched across it like tendrils of food coloring suspended in water. Ribbons of pinks and […]

Summoned to Thirteenth Grave – Darynda Jones

It wasn’t until I felt the sun on my face that I knew, really knew, I’d made it back. The bright orb drifted over the horizon like a hot air balloon, blinding me, yet I couldn’t stop looking at it. Or, well, trying to look at it. After giving it my all through squinted lids, […]

Eleventh Grave in Moonlight – Darynda Jones

I lay on a psychiatrist’s couch, a couch I’d named Alexander Skarsgård the moment my gaze landed on its buttery curves and wide back, and wondered if I should tell Dr. Mayfield about the dead kid scurrying across her ceiling. Probably not. She crossed her legs – the psychiatrist, not the kid, who was male […]

A Bad Day for Sunshine – Darynda Jones

Welcome to Del Sol, a town full of sunshine, fresh air, and friendly faces. (Barring three or four old grouches.) Sunshine Vicram pushed down the dread and sticky knot of angst in her chest and wondered, yet again, if she were ready to be sheriff of a town even the locals called the Psych Ward. […]

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