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The Last Mile – David Baldacci

MARS, MELVIN. In here, anywhere, anytime, they called out your name backward, and he would instantly respond when he heard his. Even on the toilet. Like being in the military, only he’d never joined. He’d been brought here very much against his will. “Mars, Melvin?” “Yes, sir. Here, sir. Taking a crap, sir.” Because where […]

The Fix – David Baldacci

IT WAS NORMALLY one of the safest places on earth. But not today. The J. Edgar Hoover Building was the world headquarters of the FBI. It opened in 1975 and had not aged well—a blocks-long chunk of badly dilapidated concrete with honeycomb windows, and fire alarms and toilets that didn’t work. There was even safety […]

The Fallen – David Baldacci

WHO KILLED YOU? Or, who murdered you? There was, after all, a distinct difference. Amos Decker was standing on the rear deck of a house where he and his FBI colleague, Alex Jamison, were staying while visiting Jamison’s sister. He used two fingers to neck-cradle his third bottle of beer of the evening while he […]

Redemption – David Baldacci

ON A REFRESHINGLY BRISK , beautifully clear fall evening, Amos Decker was surrounded by dead bodies. Yet he wasn’t experiencing the electric blue light sensation that he usually did when confronted by the departed. There was a perfectly good reason for this: None of these were recent deaths. He was back in his hometown of […]

One Good Deed – David Baldacci

IT WAS A GOOD DAY to be free of prison. The mechanical whoosh and greasy smell of the opening bus doors greeted Aloysius Archer, as he breathed free air for the first time in a while. He wore a threadbare single-breasted brown Victory suit with peak lapels that he’d bought from the Sears, Roebuck catalogue […]

Long Road to Mercy – David Baldacci

EENY, MEENY, MINY, MOE. FBI Special Agent Atlee Pine stared up at the grim facade of the prison complex that housed some of the most dangerous human predators on earth. She had come to see one of them tonight. ADX Florence, about a hundred miles south of Denver, was the only supermax prison in the […]

End Game – David Baldacci

As Will Robie stared out the plane window, he knew the next twenty-four hours could possibly be his last ones on earth. Yet that was simply another day on the job for him. The undercarriage of multiple reinforced wheels touched down and grabbed the tarmac, and the thrust reversers engaged. The world’s largest commercial airliner […]

A Minute to Midnight – David Baldacci

ONCE MORE SHE RODE into the Valley of Death. Only this “valley” was in Colorado, at ADX Florence, America’s only federal supermax prison. The “death” reference was spot-on, though; the place reeked of it by virtue of the crimes committed by the inmates housed there. FBI Special Agent Atlee Pine had driven pedal-to-the-metal to get […]

Walk the Wire – David Baldacci

HAL PARKER WAS RESOLUTELY closing in on his prey, and he felt his blood pressure amp up with every firm step he placed into the dirt. He could tell he was nearing his target by the frequency and volume of blood that had fallen onto the darkened ground, like dulled rubies scattered in the rich […]

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