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Nothing But a Rakehell – Deb Marlowe

Colm Newland, Lord Keswick, stood up from the card table—and promptly swayed on his feet. “Well, damn, Kes, but you’ve gone bosky.” The Earl of Chester frowned up at him. Keswick blinked. “Nonsense,” Lord Whiddon objected. “He’s just a trifle disguised, at best.” Keswick left off staring at his friends and frowned down at the […]

Lady Tamsyn and the Pixie’s Curse – Deb Marlowe

Here he was, back again. Gryff frowned as he followed the servant through the darkly paneled passage toward the earl’s study. Back at Castle Keyvnor, where he had no wish to be. Where he hadn’t set foot in ten years, since he’d been a callow youth chasing a pretty girl—a noble girl who, in the […]

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