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The Nobleman’s Governess Bride – Deborah Hale

“MISS LEONARD, I presume?” The question, posed in a rich, firm baritone voice, startled Rebecca Beaton as she stooped to pluck a fragrant purple hyacinth in the garden at Rose Grange. Had Hermione Leonard decided to abandon her sketchbook and venture outside to help gather flowers? Rising, Rebecca scanned the garden. But she saw no […]

The Duke’s Marriage Mission – Deborah Hale

SHOULD SHE HAVE accepted a position as governess at this secluded country estate rather than helping her friends establish a new charity school? Second thoughts nagged at Leah Shaw as she stood before the imposing front entrance of Renforth Abbey. She could not deny it would have been a stimulating challenge to seek suitable premises, […]

The Earl’s Honorable Intentions – Deborah Hale

WHAT KIND OF man would not do everything in his power to attend his wife’s funeral? From her place several pews back, Hannah Fletcher stared at the cluster of family members mourning the late Countess of Hawkehurst. It was a pitifully small group led by her ladyship’s detested half-brother. Not one of them had cared […]

The Gentleman’s Bride Search – Deborah Hale

“HE’S HOME! PAPA is home!” Ten-year-old Matthew Chase and his younger brother Alfie ran into the entryway of Amberwood Hall shouting the news of their father’s arrival to everyone within earshot. A powerful wave of relief washed over Evangeline Fairfax, accompanied by a bristling undercurrent of annoyance. Mr. Chase should have returned from Manchester several […]

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