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Hazard – Devon Monk

Sometimes life and death come down to a split-second decision. This particular decision hung over an impossible, improbable accident that would kill the rookie skidding across the ice on his back. He was already passed out and concussed. Boneless in that sickening rag doll way that made it hard to watch. He was also about […]

Paper Stars – Devon Monk

“S Chapter One now Queen, Jack Frost, Old Man Winter,” Jean said as we clomped our way through wet sand toward the cave. Rain sliced sideways, stinging hard despite the all-weather police jackets we wore. “Uh…the Abominable Snowman. There. That’s four people besides my boyfriend who could grant my wish, Delaney.” “We are literally at […]

Gods and Ends – Devon Monk

There was a vampire in my kitchen unpacking a box that had once contained Big-n-Tasty Bananas if the advertisement on the side was to be believed. It was an unexpected sight–the box, not the vampire. The vampire, I’d known all my life. Old Rossi was the leader, the prime of all the vampires who lived […]

Death and Relaxation – Devon Monk

“DELANEY,” MY father whispered. “Wake up.” I reached for the gun under my pillow and pushed the quilt aside. My heart hammered as I searched the shadows of the room for my dad. He wasn’t there. And he shouldn’t be. He’d been dead for a year now. “Dad?” I asked anyway. No reply. I took […]

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