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Forbidden Realm – Diana Cosby

Scotland, March 1309 The late afternoon sun provided little warmth as a frigid blast of wind hurled past Sir Rónán O’Connor. He glanced toward Stephan MacQuistan, Earl of Dunsmore, a friend and a fellow Knight Templar, then nodded to the guard holding open the intricately carved arched door of St Andrew’s Cathedral as they strode […]

Forbidden Alliance – Diana Cosby

Scotland, November 1308 Snow pelted Elspet McReynolds as she clutched her dagger, her gaze riveted on the two roughly dressed men paces away. “Hand over the sack!” the stocky one with a jagged scar across his cheek demanded. His partner, with a scraggly beard, narrowed his eyes. Heart pounding, she tightened her grip. God in […]

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