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Outlander (Outlander 1) – Diana Gabaldon

It wasn’t a very likely place for disappearances, at least at first glance. Mrs. Baird’s was like a thousand other Highland bed-and-breakfast establishments in 1945; clean and quiet, with fading floral wallpaper, gleaming floors, and a coin-operated hot-water geyser in the lavatory. Mrs. Baird herself was squat and easygoing, and made no objection to Frank […]

The Fiery Cross (Outlander 5) – Diana Gabaldon

I WOKE TO THE PATTER OF RAIN on canvas, with the feel of my first husband’s kiss on my lips. I blinked, disoriented, and by reflex put my fingers to my mouth. To keep the feeling, or to hide it? I wondered, even as I did so. Jamie stirred and murmured in his sleep next […]

Drums of Autumn (Outlander 4) – Diana Gabaldon

I heard the drums long before they came in sight. The beating echoed in the pit of my stomach, as though I too were hollow. The sound traveled through the crowd, a harsh military rhythm meant to be heard over speech or gunfire. I saw heads turn as the people fell silent, looking up the […]

Dragonfly in Amber (Outlander 2) – Diana Gabaldon

Roger Wakefield stood in the center of the room, feeling surrounded. He thought the feeling largely justified, insofar as he was surrounded: by tables covered with bric-a-brac and mementos, by heavy Victorian-style furniture, replete with antimacassars, plush and afghans, by tiny braided rugs that lay on the polished wood, craftily awaiting an opportunity to skid […]

An Echo in the Bone (Outlander 7) – Diana Gabaldon

THE PIRATE’S HEAD had disappeared. William heard the speculations from a group of idlers on the quay nearby, wondering whether it would be seen again. “Na, him be gone for good,” said a ragged man of mixed blood, shaking his head. “De ally-gator don’ take him, de water will.” A backwoodsman shifted his tobacco and […]

A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallo (Outlander 8.5) – Diana Gabaldon

It was two weeks yet to Hallowe’en, but the gremlins were already at work. Jerry MacKenzie turned Dolly II onto the runway full throttle, shoulder hunched, blood thumping, already halfway up Green leader’s arse—pulled back on the stick and got a choking shudder instead of the giddy lift of takeoʃ. Alarmed, he eased back, but […]

A Breath of Snow and Ashes (Outlander 6) – Diana Gabaldon

THE DOG SENSED THEM FIRST. Dark as it was, Ian Murray felt rather than saw Rollo’s head lift suddenly near his thigh, ears pricking. He put a hand on the dog’s neck, and felt the hair there ridged with warning. So attuned as they were to each other, he did not even think consciously, “Men,” […]

Seven Stones to Stand or Fall – Diana Gabaldon

A LL THINGS CONSIDERED, it was probably the fault of the electric eel. John Grey could—and for a time, did—blame the Honorable Caroline Woodford, as well. And the surgeon. And certainly that blasted poet. Still…no, it was the eel’s fault. The party had been at Lucinda Joffrey’s house. Sir Richard was absent; a diplomat of […]

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