Tag: Donna K. Weaver

Against the Magic – Donna K. Weaver

JEM TAYLOR FIGURED THIS TRIP home would either result in smooth sailing or swift sinking. He’d messed up rather spectacularly with Reese two years ago, so he expected the latter. Following the advice of his grandmother who’d always encouraged him to pursue his dreams, he’d decided to take her at her words: Nothing ventured, nothing […]

A Lady for Luke – Donna K. Weaver

As Luke Hamblin stepped out the bunkhouse door, the biting wind shoved him back with a hard thud. Drat the weather. “I’m all right,” he called to his housekeeper before she or any of the hands came out to investigate the noise. He stepped away from the building. Another gust hit, forcing him to put […]

A Fella for Frances – Donna K. Weaver

“D 1 o that again Nick, and I’ll shoot you,” Frances Lancaster growled as she made a face at the mud he’d splattered on the hem of her ankle-high split skirt. She’d worn it instead of trousers expressly because she didn’t want to get muddy again today. “I didn’t do it on purpose,” he said […]

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