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Bribed – Dr. Rebecca Sharp

BECAUSE I. WANT. IT. THAT. WAY.” My voice boomed over the engine roar in my Challenger, my playlist blasting a classic I could never turn down. “TELL ME WHY…” I pointed at the stereo, letting the Backstreet Boys belt out the second part. “TELL ME WHY…” My palm tapped on the steering wheel, navigating along […]

Beloved – Dr. Rebecca Sharp

“Nurse Reynolds, please report to the emergency room. Nurse Reynolds, please report to the emergency room immediately.” My head snapped up from the ortho patient’s chart I’d been reviewing with Lucy, the incoming nurse taking over my patients. “Isn’t your shift over, Gwen?” Lucy’s eyebrow arched. She was new at the hospital. She’d learn within […]

Beguiled – Dr. Rebecca Sharp

JO!” I slid my sunglasses up onto my head, my attention immediately snapping to the back of Ocean Roasters, the quaint local coffee shop in Carmel Cove, where two of my best friends, Addy Williams and her younger sister, Eve, stood at the end of the bar. It was hard to miss Addison Williams. With […]

Befallen – Dr. Rebecca Sharp

Cambria Two years ago I had a dream. This was it. The final moment. The final test before I would become a licensed massage therapist. “Good luck, Cam!” One of my friends from school, Lucy, encouraged as she gave my arm a squeeze as I disappeared into my designated room. I rubbed my hands together […]

The Gargoyle and the Gypsy – Dr. Rebecca Sharp

We need to talk. Ominous words from a woman I hadn’t seen in a very long time. I turned down the side alley that was even more dimly lit than the previous. Ancient-looking streetlights reached out like wrought-iron skeletons from the buildings lining the road, the older streets too narrow to support traditional freestanding lampposts. […]

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