Tag: E. K. Blair

Hush – E. K. Blair

I’VE COME TO know illusions well. They’re the phantasms I cling to because I’m not ready to let go of the comfort they give me. Most of what brings me solace and peace are nothing more than ghosts of my past, yet I hold tightly to keep them with me in the present for fear […]

Echo – E. K. Blair

I DIDN’T EVEN take another second after I found out about Nina. Elizabeth. My wife. Jesus, what the hell is going on? The only thoughts in my head since hearing the truth an hour ago are confusion and fear and getting my ass to my attorney’s office. I don’t know what Nina is up to. […]

Bang – E. K. Blair

“HONEY, ARE YOU almost ready?” my husband’s voice calls from the other room. I look at my reflection in the mirror as I slide in my pearl earring, whispering to myself, “Yes.” Straightening my posture and smoothing the slick fabric of my dress, I run my fingers through my long, red hair. A blanket of […]

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