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Storm Unleashed – Ednah Walters

“This is a merchant ship,” Captain Ren called out as I opened the door and peered outside. “State your business and leave.” “You have someone who belongs with me, Ren,” Storm shot back. He was above the captain’s cabin on the upper deck. “Hand her over, and I’ll make your death a quick one.” I […]

Goddess – Ednah Walters

S CHA PTE R 1. A R E YOU DYING ? tanding before the girls’ bathroom mirror, I ignored my audience and stared at my reflection as medium runes coiled and spread up my arms and neck. I tried not to cringe. They crept up my cheeks and head, my scalp tingling. If circus freaks […]

Forgotten – Ednah Walters

The Guardians were so close, I could feel their energies, yet their faces were blurry through the haze of my tears. Everything and everyone I loved was lost to me. Bran. I heard his thoughts. Felt his anguish, but there was nothing he could do, not unless he wanted to lose me forever. The Tribunal […]

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