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The New Marquess – Eleanor Meyers

Lord Morgan Platt remained silent as the wagon traveled down the dirt road. He tried to ignore the ungodly smell of his transport and the fact he was sitting on a bed a hay and who knew what else, losing himself in the beauty of the foreign land as they left the city and started […]

The Legend of the Earl – Eleanor Meyers

Alexandra Smith looked at the men and women who sat around her, keeping her gaze low so as to not draw attention. She sat stiffly in her chair and listened to the countess, who’d been asked to make a speech about a woman she’d likely never met. There was much weeping from the ton. The […]

Once Upon an Earl – Eleanor Meyers

The rumor of Lady Brandell’s dead child has reached my ears, and I mourn for her just as I do anyone else who experiences such tragedies. It’s hard for me to not think of her when I’ve a new foundling of my own to care for. Nash cries daily, as though he knows he doesn’t […]

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