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Water’s Wrath – Elise Kova

No matter how far she ran or how many people she met, an invisible hand pulled Vhalla back to the crown prince of the Solaris Empire. She couldn’t escape him. Even when she slumbered while half a continent away, her mind joined with his. Mixing, mingling, torturing her with the worst and most beautiful pain […]

Vortex Visions – Elise Kova

IN THE DARKNESS, a bitter smile crossed her lips. It’s just a candle, Vi told herself. One single candle in the holder at the edge of her bedside table. Vi took a deep breath, trying to quell her nerves. It was ridiculous, laughable even; she was a Solaris for the Mother’s sake. Yet she was […]

Sovereign Sacrifice – Elise Kova

FİERA EASED herself away from the smoldering remnants of the fire she’d been using to peer along the Mother’s red lines of fate to catch glimpses of the future. She sat back on her heels, hands on her thighs, and stared out the wide, open window that overlooked her dying city. She had been charged […]

Prince of Gods – Elise Kova, Lynn Larsh

If she had the ability to bleed, Destruction’s feet would have been scraped raw. The forest floor dipped under every brutal and frantic footfall, twigs and rocks slashing at her bare feet. There was no recognizable path and she was left to push through the trees and flora, feeling them scratch at her—knowing they would […]

Fire Falling – Elise Kova

the world was an inferno. Thick smoke. Ash. Blistering heat. Vhalla dashed between shadowed figures. Faster and faster, she ran through the night, from one horrific scene to the next, as though she was running toward the end of the world itself. The dark, faceless people began to close in around her, hindering her, smothering […]

Earth’s End – Elise Kova

vhalla was falling. The wind roared past her ears as she dove headfirst into the greatest ravine in the world. Her magic sparked and sputtered as she tried to push herself closer to the man tumbling through the air below. She extended her arm to the point of pain and her eyes met his. She […]

Chosen Champion – Elise Kova

HER HANDS MOVED through the dark night, leaving strands of light in their wake. Vi Solaris was illuminated by the lingering remnants of fading spells and bright sparks of sorcery that caught on the rough-hewn walls of the sparring pit. The lines cut against the darkness in brilliant streaks—concentric circles, triangles, and dots that all […]

The Dragons of Nova – Elise Kova

It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Cvareh piloting the glider, it was that she valued her life a lot more than a superfluous notion like trust. His hands, the color of the blue-gray sky that stretched above them, clutched the handles of the vessel with less than inspiring certainty. They shook as though they held […]

The Alchemists of Loom – Elise Kova

Arianna had a bomb, three bullets, two refined daggers, a mental map of her heist, and a magic winch-box. All she waited for now was darkness. The refinery she stared down upon had been coughing up only wisps of smog from its spiraling smokestacks since sunset. Ari had been watching it dwindle for weeks until […]

Crystal Crowned – Elise Kova

F RIGID AIR CLAWED its way under the pelts piled atop Vhalla Yarl, hunting out her warmth to herd it away as only winter could. She rolled over, jarred awake by a searing pain in her shoulder. Wincing inwardly, she eased off the wound, her hand instinctually reaching to rub it. It throbbed and itched […]

Air Awakens – Elise Kova

S UMMER STORMS WERE common in the capital and Vhalla Yarl had endured their visits in the seven years since she had moved from the East. But lightning and thunder were never welcome guests. The burst of light through the shutter slats hadn’t set her heart to racing tonight; it was the solemn, low cry […]

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