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The Rebel Wears Plaid – Eliza Knight

Wind whipped at Jenny Mackintosh’s hair as she raced for her life to escape from the English. She and her small band of men pushed their mounts to the limit, flying across the moors, the crack of pistols cutting the night air behind them. At any moment, she’d feel the sting of a bullet in […]

The Highlander’s Surrender – Eliza Knight

I ’m sorry, Sister, but I canna allow the marriage to take place. We must make peace. For the benefit of the country.” A stone hurtling down a mountain and landing right in the center of her chest could not have hurt more than hearing those words. Not marrying the man she loved… Lady Ceana […]

The Highlander’s Stolen Bride – Eliza Knight

Eva de Clare had been told that every English lady looked forward to her wedding day. But she was pretty certain that was a lie. In her case, her wedding day was fast winning out over her worst nightmare. Standing in her father’s study was her betrothed—a man who’d been blackmailing her family for at […]

The Highlander’s Secret Vow – Eliza Knight

SİR LİAM SUTHERLAND was loyal to a fault. And that was why he was traveling south with his men from Sutherland lands toward the border of Scotland and England on a mission for his king. It was early morning, and mist still covered the dewy ground. The ears of their horses flicked back and forth. […]

The Highlander’s Hellion – Eliza Knight

The laird’s sister was dead. Roderick MacCulloch cradled his sister’s cold body in his arms, sobs wracking him. He’d failed her. He’d failed his parents. All the life had drained from her broken body, leaving her skin an ashen color. The visage of her eyes closed as if in sleep tormented him. He shouldn’t have […]

The Highlander’s Dare – Eliza Knight

There were really only two reasons that Graham Sutherland would ever enjoy finding himself crossing the English border from Scotland. One was if he was chasing the skirts of a buxom and deliciously tempting lass. And the second, but of equal enjoyment, would be if he was about to run his sword through the chickenlivered […]

The Highlander’s Enchantment – Eliza Knight

Lady Blair Sutherland always did what she was told. And yet, she was far from perfect. She followed rules as though they were carved into her very limbs, and to break one would be to sever a very important part of herself—or bring war upon her family. That was an event she did not care […]

The Highlander’s Gift – Eliza Knight

I want to be knight for the day.” A petulant lass with golden locks crossed her arms over her chest and glowered at the line of grubby lads with their wooden swords tucked into the corded belts of their plaids. For the first time in her short life, she had the chance to prove something. […]

Savage of the Sea – Eliza Knight

Shaw MacDougall stood in the great hall of Edinburgh Castle with dread in the pit of his stomach. He was amongst dozens of other armored knights—though he was no knight. Nay, he was a blackmailed pirate under the guise of a mercenary for the day. And though he’d not known the job he was hired […]

Promise of a Knight – Eliza Knight

The queen will soon arrive in Scotland, daughter, and ye’ve been asked to join her court as a maid of honor.” Alexandra Maxwell, tenth and youngest child of Lord and Lady Maxwell jerked her head up from the table where she’d been sitting, and not eating, the better part of the morning as her family […]

Mists and Moonrise – Eliza Knight

Cambourne, Cornwall The Blackbottom Tavern “Across the ocean of turbulent tide, A heart that loved and was loved, Her beauty made of moonbeams and starlight, But her longing for home was….” WHACK! The troubadour had come too close. A hand came up, fist balled, and slugged the hapless man right in the face. Song instantly […]

Lords of Ireland II Anthology – Kathryn Le Veque, Eliza Knight, Hildie McQueen, Anna Markland, Kimberly Cates, Miriam Minger

Leinster Coast, Wicklow County, Ireland March, 1323 A.D. THE İNVASİON HAD been a disaster from the beginning. Waves crashed and thunder rolled. The English never stood a chance as the vicious storm bashed them against the rocky Irish coast. More than that, an entire army of five thousand angry Irishmen had been waiting for them, […]

Laird of Twilight – Eliza Knight

Without a doubt, this was the scariest day of Lilias Cameron’s life. Twilight crept over the forest, sneaking up on Lilias and her lady mother at a pace neither had anticipated. As if the wood sought the darkness, craved it. They came to a clearing ringed by trees that looked to have taken wide steps […]

Laird of Shadows – Eliza Knight

They’d never survive. Elle Cam’béal stared deep into her mother’s widened gaze. In the lady’s solar, they’d been mending shirts for her father’s warriors. But the leines and threaded needles dropped to their laps, forgotten now. “What was that?” Elle asked, fear prickling along the nape of her neck. Every hair on her arms and […]

Laird of Darkness – Eliza Knight

Tierney MacDougall had seen terrible things on the battlefield, but nothing compared to the bleakness of the prisoners in the Tower of London. Though his father was a powerful chief in Scotland, he’d betrayed his own country, and was now allied with England, but that did not afford Tierney any manner of comfort. Especially when […]

A Pirate’s Bounty – Eliza Knight

The crack of the whip stung as it struck the flesh of Faryn’s bare buttocks. She bit hard on the inside of her cheek, refusing to cry out as she knew the crew liked to hear. She would not try to jump overboard again. Metal clanked against the masts as men shouted, “Heave! Ho!” to […]

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