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The Devilish Duke – Elizabeth Bramwell

Of all the places in England that His Grace, the Duke of Devenish had expected to stumble upon his future bride, Bath had never been a serious contender. Had anyone thought to consult His Grace directly, they would have learned that he did not expect to stumble upon a future bride anywhere at all. As […]

The Alter Ego – Elizabeth Bramwell

Lord Arthur Weatherly, younger brother and unfortunately still heir to his brother the Duke of Lexborough, strolled into the George without much enthusiasm and ordered a small lunch from the Landlord. “Of course, Lord Arthur! I can have it with you in a trice while your horses are refreshed,” said Rogers, beaming at him with […]

A Novel Miss – Elizabeth Bramwell

“I don’t suppose the Gathering shall be as much fun with everyone going away,” said Cordelia, staring morosely out of the carriage window. “It’s only the Duchess of Lexborough and the Colbournes who have left,” replied Trix with a smile. “Hardly everyone! Lady Gloucester is still here, as are Lord Standish and Mr Filey.” “William […]

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