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Spyfall – Elizabeth Ellen Carter

“GET BACK HERE!” She ignored his command and ran for her life. Her jaw ached from where he’d struck her. Her arms sported bruises from where she’d been grabbed and shaken. She watched the sandy path through the marshes carefully, the ebbing twilight making it more difficult to see her way at a run. She […]

Spy Another Day – Elizabeth Ellen Carter

“MR. BASSETT, İS there nothing we can do?” His apprentice, Joe, face soot-stained, looked at him with wide mournful eyes. “Get one of our horses from the stables and race as fast as you can to Sir Daniel. Tell him the fire was no accident. Someone set it by the back door, poured turpentine all […]

Shadow of the Corsairs – Elizabeth Ellen Carter

He thought it was thunder at first, but the boom that echoed around the walls of the prison didn’t rumble long enough for it to be that. Besides, there had been no smell of rain on the breeze. In fact, there had been no wind at all for hours. Boom, boom, BOOM! This time the […]

Revenge of the Corsairs – Elizabeth Ellen Carter

THE SOLİD DROP of black paint sat in the middle of the shallow tin tray, impervious to the water around it. The pigment held its perfect globular form for a moment then the artist dabbed her brush. Tendrils of black broke away, coloring the water a deep grey. The artist applied broad strokes from that […]

Moonstone Promise – Elizabeth Ellen Carter

The siren wailed, its long, mournful cry echoing down Coal Hill in a single-mouthed chorus, alerting those in the town below. Ann Sellars stopped tending the till at the first note, hoping it was her imagination and not the warning siren from the mines across the Monongahela River, but it continued. Dread filled her. “Is […]

Live and Let Spy – Elizabeth Ellen Carter

ADAM HARDACRE HAD long passed the sailors practicing the drills on the parade ground, yet the regimented strike of the marshal’s drum vibrated through the very core of his being. One, two, dru-um, dru-um, three, four, dru-um, dru-um… He marched down the magnificent halls of Admiralty House in time to the beat only he could […]

Captive of the Corsairs – Elizabeth Ellen Carter

OCTOBER 1815 WE’VE EXHAUSTED THE Greek fire! The galiot is swinging about! Mr. Nash, the Calliope is yours! Kit Hardacre thrashed in his bed. Sweat beaded his forehead and fell unheeded down his brow into the dampened pillow. He was feverish and shivering by turns, his wrists rubbed raw by the canvas restraints holding him […]

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