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Vanquishing the Viscount – Elizabeth Keysian

Her mind buzzing with speculation about the new life she was about to begin, Miss Emma d’Ibert wasn’t prepared for the jolt that shook the wagon in which she was traveling. As she struggled to avoid being hurled onto the road, she heard the scream of a horse, followed by an ominous thump. Heart racing, […]

Once Ruined, Twice Shy – Elizabeth Keysian

Bath, England “You want me to seduce someone?” Miss Hestia Normanton stared askance at Frederick Ebbworth. She must have misheard him. She’d been his mistress— unintentionally—less than a year, and their love was as strong as ever. Or so she’d thought. He leaned against the mantel above the empty fireplace. “You probably won’t have to […]

Lord of Deception – Elizabeth Keysian

ALYS BARCHARD GLARED at her cousin and waited for the blow to fall. Kate Aspinall was wearing that expression again—a jest was coming, and it would be at her expense. It always was. “So, what think you to a wager?” Kate rested her elbows on the railing of the wooden platform that gave them a […]

Distracting the Duke – Elizabeth Keysian

KESSİNGTON HOUSE, DEVONSHİRE, ENGLAND JUNE, 1820 “So, what you want is a brainless, biddable beauty to bear you children, is that it?” Lady Clara Tinniswood, just about to enter the summer drawing room in search of a place to hide from the gossips, retreated back into the hallway but remained within earshot. How would the […]

Beguiling the Baron – Elizabeth Keysian

Selbury Poorhouse, Wiltshire, England Maundy Thursday, 1822 The room was silent but for the breaths of childish concentration as Miss Galatea Wyndham’s pupils bent over their mending. It was a struggle to see in the poor light admitted by the small, high window, and Tia feared the sorry creatures would all have headaches by the […]

A Perilous Passion – Elizabeth Keysian

AUGUST 1804, DORSET Miss Charlotte Allston was just about to wade into the sea to examine a mysterious object when a tremendous force sent her crashing to the ground. Flat on her back in the shallows, she gaped up at the summer sky, winded, struggling helplessly against the weight that smothered her. From the vise-like […]

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